Real Estate Development Experts
The professionals at Denton Communities/Bitterblue form the nucleus of the most experienced and knowledgeable land development company staff in San Antonio, with expertise ranging from design and construction to sales to landscape architecture. Our team also includes property association management professionals.

Land Acquisition & Residential Management
David Rittenhouse

Commercial Sales
and Leasing
Gene Powell
Daryl Lange
Ray Prior

Contract Administration
Sarah Carrington

Accounting and Reporting
Ray Prior

Property Association Management
Eugene Patillo, Community Development & Management

Lloyd and Bernice Denton formed Denton Development Company in the late 1940s. Bitterblue is now the umbrella company for Denton Communities and The Powell Companies, which provide commercial sales, services and development. Denton Communities has been in the real estate development business for over 60 years, which is longer than any other development company established in
San Antonio.